COVID-19 and Vaccinations

COVID-19 and Vaccinations

At the best of times, it can be extremely difficult for separated parents to come to a consensus about their child’s medical wellbeing. This may be especially true when parents are diametrically opposed on certain medical issues.

A recent article in the Lawyer’s Daily by Garry Wise, Simran Bakshi and Joshua Prizant entitled “To vaccinate or not: Which parent decides?”, considers this old issue in a new context: vaccinations for COVID-19.

Every day, more information is being released about various COVID-19 vaccines and when they will become available to the general public. For some however, the anticipated availability of a COVID-19 vaccine only leads to more questions: will his or her partner consent to their child receiving the vaccine?

In their article, Wise, Bakshi and Prizant consider two-2020 decisions from Ontario where the Court addressed this very issue. While decisions from Ontario are not binding on Alberta Courts, the decisions may be persuasive to an Alberta Judge and may be of interest to Alberta parents who anticipate that their partner will resist their child being vaccinated.

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