Eryn B. Logie, B.A. (Honours), J.D.

EBL Family Law

Eryn B. Logie is originally from Port Moody, British Columbia. She completed her undergraduate degree in Political Science at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario in 1999. During her undergraduate studies, Eryn began to explore the law through her work at the Elizabeth Fry Society and the Kingston Youth Shelter Project. Her first-hand experience of the impact the law has on families developed into a passion for family law and a spirit of advocacy for those who face difficult times in their lives, and particularly children.

In 2003, Eryn earned her law degree from the University of Calgary. After articling at a highly regarded full service law firm, Eryn joined Castle & Associates in 2004, where she practiced exclusively in the area of family law and was mentored by Diann P. Castle, a distinguished and well-reported Calgary litigator. With the experience she gained, Eryn decided to venture out and seek new opportunities. She established Eryn B. Logie Family Law in August 2013.

Since 2005, Eryn’s practice has included work as a child advocate, representing children involved in custody disputes and the child welfare system, and serving as a voice for the most vulnerable in family law disputes. To that end, Eryn understands the correlation financial security and mental health have when considering the best interests of any child.

Eryn is a proponent of the cost-benefit analysis, with a keen understanding of the importance of family law matters and the equally important consideration of the cost of litigation. With that in mind, she encourages clients to first attempt mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods when appropriate.

Eryn has extensive courtroom litigation experience, and has appeared before the Provincial Court of Alberta–Family and Youth Division, the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, and the Alberta Court of Appeal and has consistently handled a wide variety of matters on behalf of her clients.

When not practicing Family Law, Eryn has enjoys traveling and has historically visited over 21 countries, including South Africa, the UK, Northern and Central Europe, Mexico and Japan.

Eryn resided in the downtown area between 2000 and 2014. She enjoyed the urban community and proximity to the Calgary Court Centre and other resources and so has maintained her current downtown office. Eryn represents clients from the local community while serving clients from Calgary and further afield from all walks of life at this convenient central location.


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