The 2019 Federal Election: How will it affect childcare and parental leave?

The 2019 Federal Election: How will it affect childcare and parental leave?

With the 2019 Federal Election fast approaching, one of the major issues for many parents is how the elections will affect their childcare solutions and parental leave. This year, significant promises have been made by the various parties and despite there being no guarantee that the parties will make good on those promises, it is important to know their platforms so you can vote accordingly. On that note, please see below the most recent updates to the childcare commitments of four major parties in the Canadian Federal Election.

The Conservative Party: Employment Insurance Maternity Tax Cuts

The Conservative Party intends to remove federal income tax from the Employment Insurance maternity and parental benefits. They have also committed to providing a tax credit of 15% for any income earned under Employment Insurance maternity and parental leave. This would in theory equate to $4,000 in benefits for someone making a $50,000 annually. To learn more about the Conservative Party’s commitments click here.

The Liberal Party: Canada Child Benefit

The Liberal Party intends to address access to school-age childcare as one of their commitments if elected in the 2019 Federal Election. They also intend to support families with children under the age of one by increasing the Canada Child Benefit for children in this age bracket. They plan to implement parental leave for families adopting children and developing paid family leave for everyone in the Canada.  To read more about the Liberal Party’s commitments click here.

The New Democratic Party: Child Care Facilities

The New Democratic Party believes that no parent should have to chose between having a family and having a career. In order to support this belief, the NPD has committed to investing one billion dollars in 2020, an investment they intend to grow annually, to childcare initiatives. They intend on creating an additional 500,000 licensed childcare spaces by 2030 to ensure that all parents are afforded quality childcare. To read more about the NDP’s commitments click here.

The Green Party: Universal Childcare

The Green Party has committed to “taking care of Canada’s children” if elected in the 2019 Federal Election. Their plan includes implementing universal childcare and immediately boost federal childcare funding. They have stated that they will increase funding by an additional one billion dollars each year until the benchmark of 1% of GDP annually is reached. To read more about the Green Party’s commitments click here.

Stay informed this election season and remember that:

  • Election day is October 21, 2019;
  • Advance polling starts Friday October 11, 2019 and goes to Monday October 14, 2019; and
  • Further information on how to vote can be found at

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