Value of Education

Books on Shelf

Evaluating a degree or professional development obtained during a marriage is an area of law that is confusing and frustrating for lawyers but seems to generally work out for the people involved. It’s a frustrating legal issue for a couple … Read More

Spousal Support

Certificate of Divorce Document Being Signed

This is the third instalment in the Family Law crash course series. Today we are going to look at Spousal Support, specifically, who can claim for it, what you have to prove in order to get it, how much it might … Read More

Restraining Orders 101

Restraining Order

Restraining Orders may be brought against anyone, not just a family member (though if you are applying for a Restraining Order against a family member there are different forms to fill out). Applications for a Restraining Order can be brought … Read More

Protection Orders 101

Couple Contemplating Seperation or Divorce

There are a variety of Orders the Court can grant in cases of violence or fear of violence. Protection Orders are only to be used when the Applicant is a victim of Family Violence from an immediate family member. An … Read More

Rights of a Parent

Mother with Daughter

Shared 50/50 parenting is the ideal in most Divorce cases but unfortunately, despite two loving and capable parents, the Courts can be hesitant to grant it. This article will look at what factors Courts consider when making Contact Orders and … Read More

Child Support 101

Child with Mother

Overview of Child Support Today we will look at child support and the basics of when child support might be required, how child support is determined, and what the Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) has to do with it all. Child … Read More

Divorce Process 101

Marriage Rings

This will be the first article in a series of “crash courses” in Family Law. The purpose of these articles will be to answer some general questions about how the legal system works and maximize your time with your lawyer. … Read More

Procedure for Collecting Child, Spousal or Partner Support

child support

Collection of Child, Spousal or Partner Support: Know The Process, Know Your Rights When dealing with collecting child support the Maintenance Enforcement Program collects court-ordered child support, spousal and partner support. The issue is the inconsistent enforcement by the MEP … Read More