EBL Holiday Announcement

holiday announcement

The Court is closed over the Christmas holidays and our office is closed. Check out the details below. We look forward to speaking with everyone in the New Year! Please call us after January 2 for a consult. Our office … Read More

A Guide To Self-Representation

A Guide to Self-Representation NOTE: EBL law does not advise self-representation in large or complex cases, in matters which proceed to trial or when defending against a party who has hired legal counsel. Self-representation is best suited for small claims … Read More

Canada Child Benefit and Tax Tip 101 for Parents

What is the Canada Child Benefit?  The Canada Child Benefit (CCB) was developed in July 2016 after combining the Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) and the Universal Child Care Benefit (UBBC) to streamline the tax benefits given to families with … Read More

Accessing Child Welfare Files 101

child welfare

In Alberta, The Child, Youth, and Family Enhancement Act (“CYFEA”) afford Child and Family Services (“CFS”) the ability to intervene in the private family lives of Albertans. The powers granted under the Act can be quite extensive. For example, the government … Read More

Divorce After 50 Is Causing Financial Depletion

In July 2019, Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Bezos finalized their divorce. As the worlds richest couple, it is certain that Jeff and MacKenzie will both survive financially despite their separation (Jeff’s net worth is now US $123.1 billion, and MacKenzie’s … Read More

EBL Welcomes A New Team Member

Madison Dupuis is a Student-at-Law with EBL Family Law in Calgary. She graduated from the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Law in 2019, specializing in Family Law and accessible justice. Before completing Law School, she obtained a Bachelor of Arts … Read More

Maintenance Enforcement Program 101

In Alberta, ‘the Maintenance Enforcement Program’ (MEP) collects court-ordered child, spousal, and partner support owed by one party to another. In this article, we discuss a form of child support available under the Divorce Act, section 7 expenses. In this … Read More